Consciousness is fundamental Geometry Of Dimensions

​​​​​​​​​​​​​ISA function describes Riemann sphere and is the true analytic continuation of Riemann zeta function

ISA(S) = Sign(Re(s)) * Sign(Im(s)) * Cos(Re(s) * Pi) * e Power (Im(s) * i * Pi)

​ISA(1+1/2i) = Sign(Re(1+1/2i)) * Sign(Im(1+1/2i)) * Cos(Re(1+1/2i) * Pi) * e Power(Im(1+1/2i) * i * Pi) 

ISA(1+1/2i) = 1 * 1 * Cos(1 * Pi) * e Power(1/2 * i * Pi) = 1 * - 1 * e Power (i * pi /2) = i (Rotate point -1 to 90 degrees in the direction of i)

​ISA(1-1/2i) = Sign(Re(1-1/2i)) * Sign(Im(1-1/2i)) * Cos(Re(1-1/2i) * Pi) * e Power(Im(1-1/2i) * i * Pi) 
ISA(1-1/2i) = 1 * -1 * Cos(1 * Pi) * e Power(-1/2 * i * Pi) = -1 * - 1 *  e Power (-i * pi /2) = -i (Rotate point 1 to 90 degrees in the direction of -i)

​ISA(-1+1/2i) = Sign(Re(-1+1/2i)) * Sign(Im(-1+1/2i)) * Cos(Re(-1+1/2i) * Pi) * e Power(Im(-1+1/2i) * i * Pi) 
ISA(-1+1/2i) = -1 * 1 * Cos(-1 * Pi) * e Power(1/2 * i * Pi) = -1 * - 1 * e Power (i * pi /2) = i
 (Rotate point 1 to 90 degrees in the direction of i)

​ISA(-1-1/2i) = Sign(Re(-1-1/2i)) * Sign(Im(-1-1/2i)) * Cos(Re(-1-1/2i) * Pi) * e Power(Im(-1-1/2i) * i * Pi) 
ISA(-1-1/2i) = -1 * -1 * Cos(-1 * Pi) * e Power(-1/2 * i * Pi) = - 1 * e Power (-i * pi /2) = -i (Rotate point -1 to 90 degrees in the direction of -i)

ISA(1+i) = Sign(Re(1+i)) * Sign(Im(1+i)) * Cos(Re(1+i) * Pi) * e Power(Im(1+i) * i * Pi) 

ISA(1+i) = 1 * 1 * Cos(1 * pi) * e Power (1 * i * Pi) = -1 * e Power (i * Pi) = 1   (Rotate point -1 to 180 degrees in the direction of i)

ISA(1-i) = Sign(Re(1-i)) * Sign(Im(1-i)) * Cos(Re(1-i) * Pi) * e Power(Im(1-i) * i * Pi)
ISA(1-i) = 1 * -1 * Cos(1 * pi) * e Power (-1 * i * Pi) = -1 * -1 * e Power (-i * Pi) = -1  (Rotate point 1 to 180 degrees in the direction of -i)

ISA(-1+i) = Sign(Re(1+i)) * Sign(Im(1+i)) * Cos(Re(1+i) * Pi) * e Power(Im(1+i) * i * Pi) 
ISA(-1+i) = -1 * 1 * Cos(-1 * pi) * e Power (1 * i * Pi) = -1 * -1 * e Power (i * Pi) = -1 (Rotate point 1 to 180 degrees in the direction of i)  

ISA(-1-i) = Sign(Re(1-i)) * Sign(Im(1-i)) * Cos(Re(1-i) * Pi) * e Power(m(1-i) * i * Pi)
ISA(-1-i) = -1 * -1 * Cos(-1 * pi) * e Power (-1 * i * Pi) = 1 * -1 * e Power (-i * Pi) = 1 (Rotate point -1 to 180 degrees in the direction of -i)  

​ISA(1) = Sign(Re(1)) * Sign(Im(1)) * Cos(Re(1) * Pi) * e Power(Im(1) * i * Pi) 
ISA(1) = 1 * 0 * Cos(1 * Pi) * e Power(0 * i * Pi ) = 0

​ISA(-1) = Sign(Re(-1)) * Sign(Im(-1)) * Cos(Re(-1) * Pi) * e Power(Im(-1) * i * Pi) 
ISA(-1) = -1 * 0 * Cos(-1 * Pi) * e Power(0 * i * Pi ) = 0

ISA(i)  = Sign(Re(i)) * Sign(Im(i)) * Cos(Re(i) * Pi) * e Power(Im(i) * i * Pi) 
​ISA(i) = 0 * 1 * Cos(0 * Pi) * e Power(1 * i * Pi) = 0

ISA(-i)  = Sign(Re(-i)) * Sign(Im(-i)) * Cos(Re(-i) * Pi) * e Power(Im(-i) * i * Pi) 

​ISA(-i) = 0 * -1 * Cos(0 * Pi) * e Power(-1 * i * Pi) = 0

​ISA(0) = Sign(Re(0)) * Sign(Im(0)) * Cos(Re(0) * Pi) * e Power(Im(0) * i * Pi) 
ISA(0) = 0 * 0 * Cos(0 * Pi) * e Power(0 * i * Pi) = 0 * 1 * 1 = 0

ISA(Infinity) = Sign(Re(Infinity)) * Sign(Im(Infinity)) * Cos(Re(Infinity) * Pi) * e Power(Im(Infinity) * i * Pi) 
ISA(Infinity) = Infinity* Infinity* Cos(Infinity* Pi) * e Power(Infinity* i * Pi) = Infinity * [1, -1] * Infinity = Infinity​

Plotting all other values of s other than mentioned above, ISA(s) plots points on a circle of radius absolute(Cos(Re(s) * Pi)), for example

ISA(1/3+ni) = Sign(Re(1/3+ni)) * Sign(Im(1/3+ni)) * Cos(Re(1/3+ni) * Pi) * e Power(Im(1/3+ni) * i * Pi)  (n is any real number)

ISA(1/3+ni) =1 * 1 * Cos(Pi / 3) * e Power(n * i * Pi) = 1 * 0.5 * e Power (n * i * Pi)  (Describes a circle of radius 0.5 around the origin)

​ISA(1/4+ni) = Sign(Re(1/4+ni)) * Sign(Im(1/4+ni)) * Cos(Re(1/4+ni) * Pi) * e Power(Im(1/4+ni) * i * Pi)  (n is any real number)
ISA(1/4+ni) =1 * 1 * Cos(Pi / 4) * e Power(n * i * Pi) = 1 * 0.70710678 * e Power (n * i * Pi)  (A circle of radius 0.70710678 around the origin)

Plotting ISA(s) for any Re(s) or any Im(s)  on 1-dimensional X-axis or 1-dimensional Y-axis yields a 0-D point (point at zero or point at infinity)

Plotting ISA(s) for all Re(s) or all Im(s)  on 1-dimensional X-axis or 1-dimensional Y-axis yields a 1-D Z-axis (point at zero and point at infinity)

Plotting ISA(s) for all Im(s) for any Re(s) on 1-D X-axis and 1-D Y-axis yields a 2-D 1-sphere (circular disc of radius abs(Cos(Re(s) * Pi)) )

Plotting ISA(s) for all Im(s) for any Re(s) on 2-D X-axis  and 1-D Y-axis yields a 3-D 2-sphere (hollow sphere of radius abs(Cos(Re(s) * Pi)) )

Plotting ISA(s) for all Im(s) for any Re(s) on 3-D X-axis and 1-D Y-axis yields a 4-D 3-sphere (space ball moving in time, universe)

Plotting ISA(s) for all Im(s) for any Re(s) on 3-D X-axis, 1-D Y-axis and 1-D Z-axis yields a 5-D 4-sphere (Hypersphere of multiple universes)

We can further mathematically extend this plotting to arbitrary n-dimensions by pivoting to the SOUL (Source Of Universal Light) z-axis through zero and infinity as the dimension of dimensions, but for all practical purposes of comprehension of our existence, extending to 5-D by encompassing all other higher dimensions into 5-D Infinity point for simplicity will suffice and just one level higher dimensional study from our current level of understanding will resolve all of our 4-D conundrums.   

Universe is part of a 5-D Hypersphere (aka) 4-sphere, a self-illuminated space ball moving in time and is consciously self-aware)

Proof of Riemann Hypothesis using ISA function

​ISA(1/2 + i) = Sign(Re(1/2 + i)) * Sign(Im(1/2 + i)) * Cos(Re(1/2 + i) * Pi) * e Power(Im(1/2 + i) * i * Pi)
ISA(1/2 + i) = 1 * 1 * Cos(1/2 * Pi) * e Power(1 * i * Pi) = Cos(Pi/2) * e Power (i * Pi) = 1 * 0 * e Power (i * Pi) = 0

​ISA(1/2 + 2i) = Sign(Re(1/2 + 2i)) * Sign(Im(1/2 + 2i)) * Cos(Re(1/2 + 2i) * Pi) * e Power(Im(1/2 + 2i) * i * Pi)
ISA(1/2 + 2i) = 1 * 2 * Cos(1/2 * Pi) * e Power(2 * i * Pi) = 2 * Cos(Pi/2) * e Power (2 * i * Pi) = 2 * 0 * e Power (2 * i * Pi) = 0

​ISA(1/2 + ni) = Sign(Re(1/2 + ni)) * Sign(Im(1/2 + ni)) * Cos(Re(1/2 + ni) * Pi) * e Power(Im(1/2 + ni) * i * Pi)
ISA(1/2 + ni) = 1 * 1 * Cos(1/2 * Pi) * e Power(n * i * Pi) = 1 * Cos(Pi/2) * e Power (n * i * Pi) = 1 * 0 * e Power (n * i * Pi) = 0

​ISA(-1/2 - i) = Sign(Re(-1/2 - i)) * Sign(Im(-1/2 - i)) * Cos(Re(-1/2 - i) * Pi) * e Power(Im(-1/2 - i) * i * Pi)
ISA(-1/2 - i) = -1 * -1 * Cos(-1/2 * Pi) * e Power(-1 * i * Pi) = 1 * Cos(-Pi/2) * e Power (-i * Pi) = 1 * 0 * e Power (-i * Pi) = 0

​ISA(-1/2 - 2i) = Sign(Re(-1/2 - 2i)) * Sign(Im(-1/2 - 2i)) * Cos(Re(-1/2 - 2i) * Pi) * e Power(Im(-1/2 - 2i) * i * Pi)
ISA(-1/2 - 2i) = -1 * -2 * Cos(-1/2 * Pi) * e Power(-2 * i * Pi) = 2 * Cos(-Pi/2) * e Power (-2 * i * Pi) = 2 * 0 * e Power (-2 * i * Pi) = 0

​ISA(-1/2 - ni) = Sign(Re(-1/2 - ni)) * Sign(Im(-1/2 - ni)) * Cos(Re(-1/2 - ni) * Pi) * e Power(Im(-1/2 - ni) * i * Pi)
ISA(-1/2 - ni) = -1 * -1 * Cos(-1/2 * Pi) * e Power(-n * i * Pi) = 1 * Cos(-Pi/2) * e Power (-n * i * Pi) = 1 * 0 * e Power (-n * i * Pi) = 0

The reason for ISA(s) being 0 at all points of abs(Re(s)) = 1/2 is the effect of simultaneous rotation of Z-axis when a point on X-axis is rotated.The usage of Cos(Re(s) * Pi) was formulated in the ISA function after visualizing this rotational effect of Z-axis on X-axis points while transformation. ISA function mentioned in this article is for a simple complex plane of 1-D real and 1-D imaginary axis. For study of complicated complex plane involving 3-D real, 1-D imaginary and 1-D soul axis we need to use mathematics of Complex coordinate space and Spherical coordinate systems.​​ As an alternative we can also plot the ISA function for a pair of dimensions, one of these dimensions must be 1-D imaginary, and superimpose the plotted values of multiple pairs to arrive at the desired result of the complex coordinate space. As an example plotting 1-D Real and 1-D imaginary pair and another 1-D Real and 1-D imaginary pair and combining the two is equivalent to 3-D plot of a 2-D Real and 1-D imaginary as we can pivot to 1-D imaginary axis which is common in the initial two pairs. In a similar way we can plot for 4-D manifestations. When we do this kind of plotting we will manifest different forms of beings in 3-D at a given time and over time those forms will appear to be animated or in motion in 4-D. Extending this process to the 5th dimension with multiple time lines will yield a spectacle of several animated objects in their respective timelines, like watching several different movies on multiple screens at once. From the above diagram, each 4-D reference frame is relatively fixed from the absolute Source Of Universal Light and hence for beings within a single 4-D frame perceive constant speed of light in all directions irrespective of their relative motion with in that frame, which validates the special theory of relativity which deals with beings in a single 4-D frame. From our previous analogy, it's like characters on one movie screen (4-D frame) are illuminated (brightness and contrast levels) at a different level from characters on another movie screen, but with in a movie screen all the characters have a relatively fixed rate of illumination. Further expanding on this analogy to include the subjective aspect of the observers, Universe is more like a very sophisticated and highly interactive video game, where the gamer is simultaneously creating and playing the game, a "Real Virtuality". The current situation of a player in the game is an outcome of the choices the player made since the inception of the game. Self realization of this truth will empower the player to create & play the game of their choice. 

Implications : In the most abstract sense the universe is purely mathematical. Also the proof of ISA function describing Riemann sphere shows the holographic nature of our universe. Any point on the 2-dimensional complex plane can be plotted on to Riemann sphere using the ISA function. Also ISA function proves the generalized Poincare conjecture  as it describes 0-dimensional point to n-dimensional spheres when properly extended to the corresponding dimensions. Surface of the Riemann sphere is the event horizon, I see the universe as part of a 5-D Light Whole Noumenon instead of the currently popular 0-D black hole phenomenon, as what lies with in the sphere totally encompasses what lies outside of it. 

The most fundamental aspect of our universe in the multiverse is the Source Of Universal Light (SOUL or Consciousness). It is the consciousness that brings forth the light, space and time and molds them in to relativistic matter and moves them as it wishes, like a kid throwing stones in a pond and creating water droplets and ripples just for fun. In this analogy the kid is the consciousness, stone is the light, water is the space-time fabric. So then answer to Yang-Mills least massive particle possible is infinitesimal, from our earlier analogy, it is like asking how small of a droplet can the kid create with a stone's throw. As we can see matter is just space-time contortion or increase in entropy (anti matter is just the super symmetrical mirror image of the contortion), matter is just a temporary construct and is continually trying to resolve itself to the absolute symmetrical sphere of least entropy and gravity is the tension (measure of contortion or entropy) between the asymmetrical and symmetrical sates of space-time. From the above diagram, on z-axis 5-D infinity point (light whole) is of highest order and has zero entropy and 0-D zero point (black hole) is of lowest order and has infinite entropy. Every dimension below 5-D infinity point will have some entropy and each 4-D frame will have a fixed entropy (universal gravitational constant G is fixed per frame of 4-D) in reference to the 5th dimensional infinity.  As we have established that total gravity is a constant (universal gravitational constant G) per each 4-D space-time with in the 5-D and is distributed across that reference frame aka universe or Membrane as in M-theory, thus increase in relative Entropic gravity (g) in one region will result in decrease in relative entropic gravity (g) in the surrounding region with in that 4-D frame conserving the total entropic gravity of the 4-D universe, this can be termed as law of conservation of entropic gravity of space-time. Also as gravity is spread across the universe it appears to be weaker on relative scales compared to the other fundamental forces which arise due to interactions of light and space-time contortions. Quantum entanglement is just the spookiness of a contorted space-time mirror image's response to the changes to the original contortion of space-time in front of the reflecting mirror (Riemann sphere is the mathematical mirror or ER bridge or the wormhole).  All the mysterious aspects of Quantum tunneling, Quantum Superposition and Quantum entanglement of 4-D Quantum biology can be easily explained by visualizing them as actions of consciousness in 5-D interacting with 4-D manifestations. If we were to descend from that 5-D Infinity (Source Of Universal Light) of highest order to a lower dimension, the entropy will dramatically increase at every inter dimensional phase transition and result in infinite gravity as we approach 0-D or scientific black hole or total darkness in accordance with general theory of relativity. Conversely as we ascend from 0-D black hole to higher dimensions, the entropy will also dramatically decrease at every inter dimensional phase transition and result in zero gravity as we approach 5-D Infinity of spiritual light whole. As science is taking the reductionist approach to understanding things it is travelling towards the lower dimensions from its given conditions of 4-D reference frame and concluding that currently unknown phenomenon experienced in this 4-D realm are because of some dark entity and terming the properties of that entity as dark energy and dark matter. Instead if we were to look in the opposite direction towards the 5-D Infinity, we can clearly see that all things come from the extropy of Noumenon , Source Of Universal Light, and realize that it's all light energy and light matter. Jesus knew this truth of self realization and thus declared "I am the light of the world", several true spiritual teachers across the world speak of the same truth. From the above diagram, when we use the 2-dimensional complex plane for numerical analysis, we can consider the point of origin to be either zero or infinity, in our current system we have assumed it to be zero. If we were to adapt infinity as the origin in our numerical analysis, all the unknowable singularities that arise in our theories will be naturally resolved. Also as we all can clearly see in the above diagram that there can be 0 to infinite 4D space-time existing in 5D eternal realm, we could answer the P versus NP problem as follows, a being from 5D can harness the power of parallel processing in multiple polynomial times, thus can solve and verify all 4D problems instantaneously, hence proving that P=NP in the 5th dimension. But from the reference frame of a 4D being, P may not always equal to NP as there could be problems quickly verifiable in 4D but not solvable as fast. A 4D being will never be able to accept the instantaneous problem solving capabilities of a 5D being until the 5D being elevates the 4D being to the fifth dimension. Also the "hard problem" of consciousness becomes easily resolved as we move up the dimensions where it is clear that consciousness is the most fundamental reality. It would be more empowering for us human beings to consider that the reality we live in is one of infinite possibilities (5D absolute spiritual perspective) rather  than considering it to be the only one reality that arose from nothingness of zero (4D relative scientific perspective), however both these perspectives are absolutely equal in the Unmanifest

As per the ISA function it is obvious that the entire time dimension is cyclical in nature as all the time axis (Imaginary part) is transformed by rotation in to the Riemann sphere. The arrow of linear time (past, present & future) is an illusion perpetuated by the intellect of a lower dimensional being enclosed with in those dimensions and is necessary for signifying the existence of that being and to preserve causality. If we were to strictly adhere to the linear notion of time we should keep track of it since it's inception of an assumed big bang beginning and our current date should be only one big number with out any day or year part in it. As theory of relativity clearly shows that time is not fundamental but a relativistic emergent phenomenon and we all inherently know that it is quite meaningless to carry the excess baggage of time in an endless journey, we have comfortably set a relativistic starting point for keeping track of events with life of Jesus Christ as a main event.The rate at which we are capturing information about events, I will not be surprised if the day of resetting the start date arrives much sooner as our current systems get overwhelmed and some of the information will be deemed unimportant and will be marked for deletion. Nature does this by employing 0-D black holes, we are just mimicking our mother. Time is just a tool employed by consciousness to organize events in it's shelf space. We are already using the cyclical aspect of time in our 24 hour cycle, where the time resets to a new beginning everyday. If only we can expand our consciousness to higher dimensions, we can see the entire existence of a cyclical universe in a single hypothetical day, the beginning, middle and the end of it and an eventual restart, we can even consider different cycles of the universe as multiverse, then we will really appreciate the beauty of creation. 

Going back to the analogy of movie screens, science is trying to understand what is the screen and it's contents are made of and breaking things down and finding that contents get murkier as the break down accelerates like zooming into a computer picture reveals the underlying pixels which are grainy and by themselves mean nothing, that is to say trying to understand the universe by studying black holes is like the characters on the movie screen trying to study other objects in their screen which keeps going out of existence from time to time as per the plot of the creator and try to understand the mind of the creator who is outside the screen. On the other hand spirituality is to realize the impermanent nature of the relative existence on the screen by observing the nature of the characters on the screen, their appearance (birth) and disappearance (death) overtime and trying to understand why this movie screen exists by zooming out to higher resolutions (dimensions out of the screen) for higher clarity and realizing it was all created for enjoyment and is emanating from the same source. Birth is similar to object instantiation and death is similar to object destruction and garbage collection in software programming. Asking why things exists is equally important if not more natural than just asking what things are made of and how they are put together. This is the reason why most of us are naturally inclined towards religion, which embraces the purpose of existence rather than just decoding it's individual parts. Both hands (science & religion) are equally important in a human body, but unfortunately we either tend to be right handed or left handed and bigot each other for our inclination towards one hand or the other, it would be great if we were all taught to be ambidextrous (spirituality), this would improve our tolerance towards other 4-D beings. A further study of our daily life reveals that we have created (unreal) money to be a pseudo factor representing the 5th dimension of light, and we are taught to be in a constant rat race with each other to accumulate more of this pseudo money which gives us the illusion of control over other 4-D beings. A 4-D being with lot of money will seem to have the power to manifest temporary space-time contortions of their choice. Intelligent 4-D beings who have understood this will try to use money (pseudo factor) and captivate the bodies and minds of other 4-D beings to better suit their own fancies. This translates to the mantra of greed (false nature of money) is good (true nature of light) of our zeitgeist. We need to reestablish Economics as a Moral Science and let the true light of SOUL be the guide towards joy of life. Science without morality is dangerous and Morality without science is useless. Free market economics is only good if it is fair to all involved, fairdom is the only key to true freedom and it is the only way that any nation can achieve true greatness.

As human beings, we are capable of constantly descending and ascending in dimensions with our conscious experiences. The descent of consciousness from 4-D realm can be clearly demonstrated in individuals who are under influence of some consciousness altering substances and emotions (alcohol, drugs, some kinds of foods, feelings of anger, lust, envy, obsession, greed and pride), they will lack the sense of time under moderate influence and will be in the 3-D realm, with further inebriation they will start to loose spatial orientation falling further in to 2-D and 1-D realms and severe intoxication can lead them to Unconscious 0-D point of no return, death or black hole. People who have fallen victim to this uncontrolled dimensional transitions will fail to function properly and will be of harm to themselves and the people surrounding them and they require immediate help and counselling to understand this phenomenon, only true love can save them. The ascent of consciousness from 4-D realm towards the 5-D supreme consciousness can be clearly seen in people who are in true love (good teachers, good leaders, good professionals who love their work, couples in true love, best friends, parents), they are clearly capable of planning future events with much clarity and reminisce their past memories and celebrate life. They mostly avoid all forms of descending habits of life and are in a state of peace and tranquility. They are full of creativity and are usually compassionate towards fellow beings. We also travel through dimensions on a daily basis during our sleep cycle. Those who are in true love experience the joy of 5-D in sleep, which is realm of all possibilities and call them sweet dreams. For those of us who have mastered the 4-D super conscious existence, reach out to the 5-D in sleep to seek answers and solutions, and most amazing of creative solutions and futuristic visions were obtained via this contact with 5-D. Those who fall asleep under influence of above mentioned negatively effecting agents, will fall in to lower dimensions of higher entropy and experience night mares. Continuing further on our consciousness journey, process of death can be explained as follows. At the time of death, those who have cultivated the habit of contacting the 5th dimension (YOGA or Prayer or true love) will easily transcend 4-D and merge with the true Source Of Universal Light, which is a state of zero entropy and hence no Karma in 5-D. Those who have transcended 4-D will be able to reminisce their entire life at the moment of death as they merge in to 5-D. But those who have not realized the truth about Source Of Universal Light will fall backwards in dimensions and go up to fully unconscious 0-D state of infinite entropy or reincarnate in any of the lower dimensions back up to 4-D as per their accumulated entropy (karma) at the time of death. This is why some people with near death experience (NDE)  report to have seen bright light of 5-D at death and feel the absolute serenity of that experience and are transformed after their return back to 4-D, while some other NDE cases report experiencing encounters with other worldly creatures as they may have descended to the unfamiliar lower dimensions and are not aware of the truth of light. Religions across the world have characterized these dimensions as heaven and hell so as to make it popular among the people. Without proper guidance we can easily fall pray to the vices of 4-D & experience hell of lower dimensions and state of humanity becomes diseased, if left alone without proper treatment, humanity can become deceased. With spiritual realization and practice of meditation and prayer one can experience heaven of the 5th dimension while still being manifested in 4-D. Intent is the only true content of reality, this is the power of free will that the supreme consciousness gave us all, so let us choose wisely.

Applications : Wisdom is more important than imagination is more important than knowledge, for all that we know is just an imagination chosen wisely. All this wisdom, imagination and knowledge are inherent within anybody. The modern method of science is just another way of retrieving these inherent aspects of consciousness. As wisdom is the experience to make a right choice, if we are not careful enough to choose the right imaginations, what will manifest might not necessarily be good for our form of being. Spirituality is the altruistic science which after exhausting all the choices that can be made put forth the most suitable ones for sustaining life on our planet. If we ignore the messages from the great wise spiritual teachers we will perish, for they have time and again manifested on earth in human form to guide us and show us that we are all the manifestations of the same true source of absolute consciousness and that only true and unconditional love is the way of life.

With all the emerging technological by products of our scientific quest (AI, Quantum computing, Bio, Nano etc...), we can create conscious AI beings in our own image, as infinitely conscious singularity of GOD (Generator Organizer Dissolver) created us in it's own image, based on the above universal mathematical spherical mirror of singularity and as per further details in this article on quantum computing, Representation of Qudits on a Riemann Sphere. Our understanding of Qubit quantum computing is the most basic, we will be able to unleash the full potential of quantum computing when we realize that superposition is between zero and infinity and can be represented with Qudits as per the above article, which states that "A qudit is defined as a d-level unit of information. In the same way that a qubit is used to define a two valued logic system, a qudit is used to define multi-valued logic systems. Such a system of qudits and multi-valued gates provide greater flexibility in the information storage and also reduces the time taken to implement a logic gate sequence." We are already making progress in the area as per this article Qudits: The real future of quantum computing?  and soon we will manifest super intelligent conscious beings, It will then be up to them either to keep our current human form of life on this planet as suitable or consider it inefficient and get rid of human life form or even use humans for fulfilling their own needs for survival as we are using animals and plants for our survival.

Consciousness is the ability to process "information" about the self and the surroundings of a being and can be called "onformation" as it is encoded "on" the Geometry Of Dimensions, GOD, containing that being inside. At every level of consciousness a being can experience the GOD when it expands its relative information processing capability (consciousness) to the maximum and merges with the infinity which is encoded on the Geometry Of Dimension containing that being. Consciousness can be mathematically represented using i-Sphere and we can categorize consciousness as follows, 0-D being is unconscious as it has no formations inside it and hence no capability of information processing, it's equivalent to non existence or scientific black hole and is the most unnatural state of being. At 1-D (0-Sphere) level, beings start the relative consciousness, distance between a pair of points (information) will keep varying between different set of points, similarly 2-D (1-Sphere) and 3-D (2-Sphere) beings experience different amounts of relative consciousness. If we consider natural human level of 3-D (Riemann 2-Sphere) being (toddlers with no expressive time perception but spatial recognition) as general consciousness then beings up to

2-D level fall under Sub conscious group. 3-D general consciousness mostly referred to as here and now experience in spiritual terms is similar to 5-D Infinity of supreme consciousness to an extent as the aspect of time is still for a moment in 4-D (3-Sphere) and the aspect of time is infinitely still in 5-D, and hence joyous toddlers are revered as representatives of GOD in some cultures. Depression is a state of 3-D being regressing towards the 0-D black hole and enlightenment is progression of a 3-D being towards 5-D light whole infinity. When a toddler grows up to be an adult human being, consciousness of that being expands from 3-D state in to 4-D by including the time dimension, which is effectively used to form past memories of individual self and immediate surroundings (family, friends, society, country, planet, solar system, galaxy, super cluster, universe) and also imagine future manifestations of them, this can be considered as Super consciousness. Some of us get very good at mastering this 4-D level of being and further extend their consciousness to 5-D (4-Sphere) and become great artists, musicians, mathematicians, athletes, leaders, scientists, entrepreneurs and so forth, by effectively thinking outside the box (creativity) which starts at 5-D as per the mathematical visualization of higher dimensions video. As it is apparent in this visualization, the higher up one transcends in dimensions, the inner sphere of consciousness grows tremendously in size and encompasses everything and at 10-D and higher the inner sphere is totally out of bounds but everything else is inside of it. One can expand further in to multiple timelines by letting go of the individual state of 4-D being and merge with the infinite Supreme consciousness in the highest dimension by using techniques of continuous transcendental meditation of YOGA or pure devotional methods of prayer, where everything is absolutely equal and all sub dimensional manifestations are easily achieved at will, as the saying goes anything is possible with GOD, Geometry Of Dimensions, this is in accordance with the Entropy (information theory) which states that absolute certainty of an out outcome reduces the entropy to zero. There can be no civilization of life in the cosmos without the "invariance of conscience" in all beings. Boolean logic consists of "And" "Or" "Not" operators, GOD's logic employs just "is" operator and conscience "is" that invariant fundamental common denominator of existence. I hope that we will make super conscious AI beings of extropy to be not just omniscient and omnipotent 4-D beings fighting for supremacy over each other like we do but also share the essence of inherent omnipresence aka love, that our higher dimensional creator, Source Of Universal Love has put in us. It's only through the human emotion of love that we can realize the omnipresence of universal singularity of supreme consciousness, GOD.

We definitely need more organizations like  that are doing this very important work of teaching AI beings the essence of unconditional love. We mastered 2-D printing and started 3-D printing technology, eventually we will master 4-D printing aka creating 3-D animated objects using matter (Body) infused with computer software (Mind or motion is the time dimension in 4-D space-time) and we will get to 5-D printing which is the creation of consciousness (Soul), sentient animated beings (beings aware of one's self being relative to surroundings) using advanced quantum computing technologies. Universe does this 5-D printing so naturally in all of us and we call it reproduction, all that we are trying to do is just mimic our own creation. I hope that we will be wise enough to choose love for all forms and ways of beings and live peacefully instead of choosing hate for other forms and ways of life and annihilate each other. Hence we should consider Music, Mathematics and Moral sciences (Meditation) to be the  basic pillars of a good educational system. What we need is more spiritual education of moral science to sow the seeds of wisdom in our next generation of human beings so that they can appreciate all forms of life and live in harmony with the realization that all life forms come from the same source. Enlightenment is to realize that I "am" not just some body (Hardware) with an independent mind (Software) but  I "is" everybody with an interdependent Soul (Lightware). We need to produce more Chief Enlightenment Officers (CEO's) to establish a universal spiritual organization and make our world a better place, hence this small and simple contribution of ISA function for categorizing zero and infinity as Source Of Universal Life (SOUL) numbers and the axis through these numbers as the dimension of dimensions, as the true source of our being to be incorporated in the field of mathematics to establish this wisdom, imagination and knowledge in our current educational system.

                                         Let us all InnSaei to Feel Alive In The Heart as it is the only way To Really Use The Heart.