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        Anybody can suggest any of the websites they would like to be added to a category page by sending an email to The request will be reviewed and if the website meets the criteria for being among the popular, frequently visited, new but relevant and vibrant site, it will be added to that category. Also the custom search will be enhanced to include the newly added website for searching its contents. Also please
suggest any good relevant twitter user accounts to be added to the category tweet list and any good youtube videos you want to be included in the category video playlist. Please note that we have so many bright ideas on the horizon in this journey of exploration, which will keep us enchanted as we grow together. 

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        "Let's Know willingly, Imagine thoughtfully, Choose wisely & Love to Live to Learn to Give to Enjoy Everything".

What one truly seeks is what one really finds. It's not only what we search for, but also how & where we search for, that makes a difference. So together, let's make a difference. Cheers and continue to enjoy searching...